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Messages From The President


Fall, 2021 Scott Eggen
A Message from Our New President
Summer, 2021 Dan Sippl
Dedication and Commitment to RSVA® and recognition of the Blindness Community
Spring, 2021 Dan Sippl
Finding Certainties During These Uncertain Times


Winter, 2020 Dan Sippl
Enduring Covid-19 Requires A Village
Fall, 2020 Dan Sippl
Navigating Covid-19 Through Self-Advocacy
Summer, 2020 Dan Sippl
Sprint or Marathon - Coronavirus Covid-19
Spring, 2020 Dan Sippl
New Normal or New Normals - Coronavirus Covid-19


Winter, 2019 Dan Sippl
20/20 Comes With Foresight and Insight for Sagebrush
Fall, 2019 Dan Sippl
Visions For 2020
Summer, 2019 Dan Sippl
Memoriam of Natasha Humphreys
Spring, 2019 Dan Sippl
Spring Has Sprung and The Next Season Is Advocacy Or Otherwise Known As Summer.


Winter, 2018 Dan Sippl
Midterm Elections Create Urgency. 50 YEARS of Advocacy Must Continue.
Fall, 2018 Dan Sippl
50 YEARS of Life, Liberty and Happiness
Summer, 2018 Dan Sippl
50 Years, WOW
Spring, 2018 Dan Sippl
Golden Anniversary
Celebrating fifty years of achievement and advocacy


Winter, 2017 Dan Sippl
Advocacy in Changing Times
Fall, 2017 Dan Sippl
Summer, 2017 Dan Sippl
Looking forward to Sparks, Nevada
Spring, 2017 Dan Sippl
Changing Times


Winter, 2016 Dan Sippl
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Fall, 2016 Dan Sippl
Randolph-Sheppard Act 80th Anniversary
Summer, 2016 Dan Sippl
Brain Drain
Spring, 2016 Dan Sippl
Exciting Times


Winter, 2015 Dan Sippl
Active Participation: We Can Make a Difference
Fall, 2015 Dan Sippl
Sharing the Benefits of the Randolph-Sheppard Program
Summer, 2015 Dan Sippl
Exhilarating Times in RSVA®
Spring, 2015 Dan Sippl
Opportunities and Options Galore


Winter, 2014 Dan Sippl
Your Team at RSVA®
Fall, 2014 Dan Sippl
In Memory of Charlie Carrol, RSVA® 2nd Vice-President
Summer, 2014 Dan Sippl
Be Proactive by Staying in Touch!
Spring, 2014 Dan Sippl
The New Humphreys Randolph-Sheppard Employment Institute
Winter, 2013-2014 Dan Sippl
Building Relationships


Fall, 2013 Dan Sippl
Let's Embrace Change
Spring, 2013 Dan Sippl
Winter, 2013 Dan Sippl
Meeting and Exceeding our Members’ Greatest Expectations


Fall, 2012 Dan Sippl
Survival of the Fittest
Summer, 2012 Dan Sippl
Growing Independence and Success Within Our Businesses and Organizations!
Spring, 2012 Dan Sippl
Doing More With Less
Winter, 2012 Dan Sippl
Dividends From Your RSVA


Fall, 2011 Dan Sippl
Summer, 2011 Dan Sippl
Moving Toward Our Next Diamond Jubilee
Spring, 2011 Dan Sippl
Seventy-five Years of Excellence
Winter, 2011 Dan Sippl
The Randolph-Sheppard Act, 1936 - 2011


Fall, 2010 Dan Sippl Sagebrush National Training Conference
Summer, 2010 Dan Sippl Change Surrounds Us
Spring, 2010 Charles Glaser The Transformation of Randolph-Sheppard
Winter, 2010 Charles Glaser Strength In Numbers


Fall, 2009 Charles Glaser Change Is Good
Summer, 2009 Charles Glaser Relationships
Spring, 2009 Charles Glaser Paranoia
Winter, 2009 Charles Glaser Success Builds on Success


Fall, 2008 Charles Glaser What IS the Future of Randolph-Sheppard?
Summer, 2008 Charles Glaser And the Beat Goes On….
Spring, 2008 Charles Glaser A Small Light at the End of a Deep Dark Tunnel
Winter, 2008 Charles Glaser An Oasis in the Desert


Summer, 2007 Charles Glaser 2006/2007 Year in Review
Spring, 2007 Charles Glaser RSVA and Accessible Currency


Fall, 2006 Charles Glaser Getting Started
Winter, 2006 Charles Glaser The First Ninety Days


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