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Thank you for considering a donation to assist Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America in its advocacy and education efforts! All of your much needed tax deductible donations can be sent to the RSVA National Office, 940 Parc Helene Drive, Marrero, LA 70072-2421 or you can call our national Office at 504-328-6373 and the fax number is: 504-328-6372. Remember, RSVA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be designated to RSVA or the Durward K. McDaniel Legal Fund.

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Other ways to donate:


The PRESIDENTS COUNCIL is our most honorable individual membership bestowed upon those most philanthropically disposed individuals. Lifetime memberships may be attained with a one-time contribution of $1,000.00 or more. A lifetime member in the RSVA Presidents’ Council receives a plaque from RSVA and acknowledgement at a national conference. If you are interested in becoming a life member in the Presidents Council or perhaps you would like to honor someone else with an RSVA lifetime membership in the Presidents’ Council, please contact the RSVA National Office at 504-328-6373 or click on the RSVA donation form link below:

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You can also purchase a life membership in RSVA for $200. A separate fund has been established for life membership donations. All persons or organizations that make donations to RSVA are listed in the Vendorscope in the issue immediately after receiving the donation. Call the national office at 504-328-6373 or click on the RSVA form link below:

Note: All the donate boxes checked will be added up to a single amount for your donation.


Mailing Address:




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Donate a specific amount: $25   $50   $75   $100  

Donate to Durward K. McDaniel Legal Fund: $25   $50   $75   $100  

Donate to Life Membership in President's Council: $1000  

Donate to Life Membership in RSVA: $200  


RSVA has instituted a “Monthly Monetary Support” or MMS plan in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind (ACB). You can sign up and determine whether the MMS will come from a checking account or credit/debit card. There are two date choices for withdrawal during a month. Fifty percent goes to ACB and fifty percent goes to RSVA. If you want to donate $25.00 a month to RSVA, the total would be $50.00, with $25 going to ACB.

You can call the Minnesota office of ACB with your credit card or banking account information at: (612) 332-3242 or toll free: (800) 866-3242 or go to the direct link below: or and click on the link: Sign Up to Make a Monthly Donation

It will give you two options: a link for a credit card withdrawal form or a link to a banking account withdrawal form.

Once you’ve started making donations, you will receive a printed annual statement showing your total contribution which is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

You will be helping your organization as well as yourself!





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